GER STALLENBERG PAINTER Beauty is the gleam of truth This gleam captivates everyone And it is because of this That art has universality ‘A constant and passionate quest for beauty and things that really matter make me paint the way I do. A true astonishment and admiration for the wonders of life make me feel that all this is not there only by accident.’ In his paintings, Ger Stallenberg manages to transform everyday reality into visual poetry. In this poetry of light and colour, he succeeds in adding an enigmatic quality to seemingly realistic scenes. Everyday reality acquires a touch of the timeless and eternal. A flower blooms in the foreground of an evocative timeless landscape. The interrelation of culture and nature is an often recurring theme in Stallenberg’s work. It is an interrelation that brings out contrasts, but also surprising new qualities and unexpected similarities. The painter calls it “a harmony of contrasts”. It makes realism and imagination go hand in hand. Stallenberg’s works affords the spectator plenty of opportunity to dream away. The highly refined expression and the bright use of colours give the artist’s paintings an exceptional power of expression that can truly be called timeless. By transforming everyday reality an image is shaped behind which there’s a deeper perceptible meaning. It’s a quest for the transcendental, ideal and eternal world behind all things. In this respect Ger Stallenberg is tributary to late 19th century Symbolism in which suggestion, thought, mystery and spirituality where the principal elements for fine arts as well as literature. It won’t surprise that Ger Stallenberg feels special congeniality to artists of the art and crafts and art nouveau period. Painters like Claude Monet, Gustav Klimt, Fernand Khnopff and decorative artists like Victor Horta, Emile Gallé, Clement Massier and Louis C. Tiffany all provide inspiration. They also had strong bonds with nature and its mystical dimensions, they also aimed at perfection and they also wanted to create something more substantial rather than just an object that’s nice to look at. Paintings of Ger Stallenberg have found there way all over the world. And although many people seem to recognize a British landscape in his work Ger Stallenberg never putted foot on British ground before. His landscapes are pure imaginative, but if it is true that there is a British spirit in it, these painting are coming home to London now. Text: A. Gloudemans

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