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1900, France

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Silver-plated bronze vase by Christoffle from Paris. Art Nouveau vase in perfect condition. The proportions are very nicely balanced. The scene consists of a dragonfly sitting on a umbellifer. The wingtips protrude slightly and the dragonfly's wings touch each other at the front and the back. They form the ears that fit beautifully with the shape of this vase.

Condition of the object

The state of this object is excellent .

excellent: No visible signs of aging

Good: Used, with minimal signs of aging

fair: Used, with visible aging and aging patina

moderate: Significant signs of aging and loss of original structure

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Afmetingen en gewicht

Lengte: 6 cm

Breedte: 4 cm

Hoogte: 14 cm

Gewicht: 800 g

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