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Amadeo Gennarelli


1925, France

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This Venus is patinated in three colors. The body is first silver-plated and then patinated in light sepia, while the hairs are darkly patinated. The base is copper green and brown patinated. Typical of Gennarelli's sculptures is his creative ability to form a correct anatomical body in an almost abstract composition. For example, notice how the neck, head and raised arm together form a whole and are in line with the supporting arm. This diagonal straight line counterbalances the tense arch shape of the legs.

Amedeo Gennarelli (Naples1891-Paris1943). Around 1909 he moved to Paris. He exhibited at the annual Salon des Artistes Français in Paris from 1913 to 1936. Gennarelli also worked under the pseudonym 'Jean Ortis' (see terra cotta in our collection). Gennarelli worked with various materials, such as marble, terra cotta and bronze. He is especially famous for his female nudes and his sensitive portraits of children. His elegant art deco style and quality is highly regarded and his work is sought after by collectors.

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Afmetingen en gewicht

Lengte: 56 cm

Breedte: 15.5 cm

Hoogte: 29 in

Gewicht: 10000 g

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